Influenza – Influenza Causes, Types, And Treatment

Influenza or well-known with ”flu” is some of the virus which is attacking the respiration system (consist of nose, throat, and lungs). The influenza indications that usually people feels are fever, headache, cough, weary, less desire to eat and throat ache. Actually, the period of the influenza incubation is short. You’re gonna feel the indication only one until three days after the first time you are influenced. The period that influenza will influence quickly is when on the third until seventh days.

Many people considers that flu is seems like a runny nose, but actually that absolutely wrong. The kind of virus which is caused by flu is different with runny nose. On the other side, flu is tended that having the short incubation term with the advance indication that might disturb the sufferers routinity. Meanwhile, in generally, runny nose will appear step by step with the light indication and nit too give an effect to the sufferers routinity.

The Step Of Influenza Treatment


Sleep enough, drink a water mineral a lot, and keep warm the body is the alternative that many people usually do when they are getting influenza. They think that they can treat it without going to the doctor. When you’re getting influenza, you can find the medicine to heal your influenza which is free sale in the pharmacy you need to looking for Paracetamol and Ibuprofen that aimed for decrease the fever and weary. You’re not recommended to consume the anti-biotic by yourself without using the recipe of the doctor. And for the other reason why the sufferers do not suggest to use anti-biotic because it’s only given if they are in the condition which is influenced by bacterial, meanwhile the caused of flu is virus.

The Cause Of Influenza Complication

Usually, influenza’s often caused by the serious complication. Even that, you need to know that the high risk to be flu by the infection complication is in this circle are:

– Children

– Pregnant Mom

– Elderly

– The sufferers of serious disease or chronic such as heart disease, lungs disease or diabetes.

– The people with the less immune system like the cancer and HIV sufferers.

The Steps To Avoid Influenza

As we have known that usually when someone getting flu, they will sneezing. And when they are sneezing, they will bring out the granules of saliva from their mouth. Those things that can make the influenza virus is spreading quickly.  In another side, the things that had been contaminated with the virus of influenza can be as the mediator of spreading the virus.

– The First step to avoid from this disease is kept cleanness. Don’t forget to wash your hands before eating. For the public transport users, don’t forget to use the mask.

– The second step is Vaccination. But, we suggest this way for the people those who susceptible to the influenza’s complication. Read Also Influenza Treatment, Influenza Indication, Influenza Prevention.

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