The Acne Complications that You Need to Know About it

The general problem of acne complications is the scar or the scarring. Especially, there are three kinds of the scar. For the first is the scare which is made behind the skin and caused the skin the face surface looks scrolling unevenly. For the second scar is which is oval shaped and looks similar like the crater. And for the last scar is with the hollow shape and it looks like the needle prick. As the information, the every kind of acne caused the scar. But the most kind that always left the scar on our skin are nodules and cysts. The scar appears from the pimples out because of the unplug and suppress the acne intentionally.

The Scar Treatment For Treating the Psychologist Pressure

Part of us argues that the treatment for the scar which is caused by acne are believed as the serious psychology under pressure. This scar treatment is concluded to the realm of the cosmetic surgery. But one thing that you have to know and realize before you doing this surgery. This way will not remove 100 present the scar but it was purposing to disguise the scar. And usually, this surgery way only repair for about 50 until 70 present the face performance.

I suggest you to consult and ask to the doctor specialist skin about what is the way or the procedure that really match for your own face. There are so many popular kinds of cosmetics surgery in this whole world. Let me tell you one by one about it, keep in acne complications.

1. Dermabrasion Surgery

Lifting up the outer layer of the skin by using the laser or the special wire brush use this treatment. Before you get the result. Usually the sufferers skin gonna looks red and feels sore after several moths doing this procedure.

2. Subcision Surgery

This way usually for healing the scar. The general process, the doctor will lift up the outer layer of the skin with the scar behind the skin. This separated way make the blood clot around that’s area and make the scar. This scar will be flatten the scar with the other layer skin. For the perfect result, usually the doctor will treat it by using the laser and dermabration surgery after finishing the subcision procedure.

3. Lacer Treatment

This procedure are for healing the light until the middle level of the acne scars. this procedure is divide by two treatment. The first is ablatif laser and the second is nonablatif laser.

  • Ablative laser: this laser used to lift the small part of the skin around the scars to produce the newest skin that looks smooth.
  • Nonablative: meanwhile, in the non-ablatif procedure this way used to stimulate the growth of the new collagen or kind of the skin protein which usage to repair the performance and the skin damage which is caused by the scars.

The Recovery of The Acne Scars with the Punch Technique

In this case, there is the non-formation recovery technique, it is the punch technique. Usually, this technique used for healing the scars like an ice pick and the boxcar. There are three types of the punch technique, those are the punch excision, the punch elevation, and the punch grafting. Keep in acne complications.

– Punch Elevation

Usually this technique is for healing the acne scars which is like the boxcar in order that it would a bit invisible. In this technique, they will get rid of the wound base through surgery. The wound part will be pull or lift in order that it would be parallel to the skin surface.

– Punch Excision

You can apply this technique to heal the ice pick scars which is include as the light category. In this technique it will get rid of the scars and cover it. After the scars getting better, the skin is going to looks smoothest and even on that’s surgery area.

– Punch Grafting

And for the last technique, this technique is used for healing the ice pick scars which is included as the deep category. Its almost same like the punch excision, but in this technique, the scars will be patched with a graft from another body part, for example like the skin from the ear backside.

That’s all the acne complications. Hopefully, it would give a lot of information for you the readers. Share this article and like or follow my fans page so that you can get update health info from this site.

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