The Acne Treatment : Best Treatment that You Know

Sometimes, the acne treatment need a lot of times until a few months, its depend on how severe the acne is. You can treat your light acne which is like the spots, white blackheads and the blackheads by using the cream and gel which is contains of benzoyl peroxide. That cream or gel could you buy without using the doctor recipe. Here are the several suggestions that hopefully give the benefit for you the acne sufferer.

The Acne Treatment

  • Use the light facial wash or the face cleanser, don’t forget to use the warm water to clean the acne area. It’s better if avoid using the hot water or cold because of it would make the acne get worst.
  • Do not often wash the acne area on your skin, because it will severe the irritation. You just need to wash your face twice in a day.
  • Set your hair in order that not exposed to your face and wash your hair routinely in order that always clean.
  • Do not try to remove that blackheads by press it, because it will severe the blackheads and left the scar.
  • Do not over on using the acne. Its better if you use the cosmetic product that based on the water which do not have the effect of hide the skin pores.
  • Clean up your cosmetic before you sleep.
  • If you have a dry skin, use the moisturizer that based on water which not contain of the perfume unsure.

After Treatment

If you were healing the acne, it would better if you do not hope the fast response because of the process can be running until three months. You need to a patient on that process. If the irritation area is getting wide, and the papules and pustules appears over, and you are no getting well even you have tried to heal it, you need to check it to the doctor. Usually, the doctor will give the medicine recipe.

The acne medicine usually can be bought through the doctor recipe around the topical antibiotic, retinoid, topical, the combination of family planning pills for the woman, isotretinoin tablet, antibiotic tablet, and the azelaic acid. The Doctor can also suggest you to go to the doctor of the skin specialization if the nodules appear then it hurts you. And the papules, the pustules is appear in huge mount in the chest, the back and the face.

The Acne Treatment with The Topical Retinoids

Besides avoiding the clogged hair follicels by the died skin cells, the retinoid topical also can increase the sebum production on the oil glands. The retinoid topical medicine that usually used is the tretinoin and adapalene, it was available in the cream and gel. This medicine usually use at once before sleep, that is 20 minutes after you wash your face. There are several things that you need to be aware before you use this medicine. For the pregnant mom, don’t use the retinoid topical because of it would make the baby get birth defect. Besides that, just use the retinoid topical based on the doses and protect the irritation skin from the over ultraviolet sunlight.

Usually, this treatment is running in term until 6 weeks. But to avoid the acne appears again, you might suggested to use this medicine continuously with the rarely frequency. Sometimes, the doctor will suggest that the usage of the retinoid topical is combined with the dapsone for the effectively result. But you need to know that this combination could give the effect side for the part of the users, that is the skin getting dry and getting red.

The Acne Treatment with The Benzoil Peroxide

Acne Treatment

The benzoil Peroxide could be avoid the died skin to clogging the follicles and kill the bacterial which is can effected the clogged follicles. Using this benzoil peroxide in around the acne face area on 20 minutes after you wash your face. The benzoil peroxide is available in the cream and gel. Use this benzoil peroxide based on the suggested dose. The users that too over use this medicine can make their skin is getting irritation. Several effect sides that appears dorm the users is the itchy sensation, sting and feels hot on the skin. Besides that, the skin could getting hard and dry even being red and peel.

Avoid it from too often exposed to the ultraviolet sunlight when using the benzoil peroxide because of this medicine could be more sensitive to that light. This medicine also gives the whitening effects, so that do not let the medicine is attach to your clothes and your hair. Do not worry about the effect side because of generally it will be lost by itself after the treatment is finished. To remove all the acne, usually the benzoil peroxide use for 6 months. But after that, the sufferer might suggest to use it continuously with the rarely usage to avoid the acne appearance again.

The Acne Treatment With The Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid coul make the died skin stay away and kill the acne bacterial. This medicine usually being as the alternative for the those who do nor want doing the treatment using the retinoid topical or the benzoid peroxide because of the effect side that feels so annoying and disturb them. The usage of this medicine is not sensitive to the sunlight.

But it doesn’t mean that the azelaic acid do not have the effect side. The effect side of this medicine is lighter that the other. The several effect of the azelaic acid usage can make the skin getting red and dry. But sometimes our skin can be getting itchy, hot or sore. The azelaic acid is available in the gel and cream case, usually it is used twice in a day or one in a day for them those who have the sensitive skin. You can know the benefits of this medicine after one month usage.

The Acne Treatment With the Topical Antibiotic

The topical antibiotic can kill the bacterial on the skin that can be infected by the clogged follicles hair. This medicine is available on the fluid and gel case. There are several side effect that can be appear after this treatment, even that thing is really happens. That side effect can make the skin is getting red and feels hot, the skin will be light irritation and peel sometimes.

Generally, the topical antibiotic will be used once till twice in a day. Usually, this treatment is running for about 6 until 8 weeks. After that term is finished, the usage of this medicine must be stop in order that the bacterial on the face not coming back being immune with this medicine until the infection is more severe.

The Antibiotic Tablet for Severe Acne Treatment.

For the acne severe high level, the treatment can be combine with the topical medicine with antibiotic tablet.usually, the recovery will be shown after six months, its depend on the reaction from the every users. Even there is the recovery will be shown after 4 until 6 months.

In the biggest part of the severe acne level, the doctor gonna make some of recipe for you kind of the antibiotic which is called tetracycline. But sometimes, this medicine is not giving to the all woman that were pregnant and breastfeeding. As the changed medicine of the pregnant woman, the doctor wil suggest you to use the antibiotic which is called erythtomycin because it is more safe to be use.

Besides that this antibiotic could make your skin get sensitive to the ultraviolet sunlight, tetracycline can be the contraseption pills being less effective for about several first weeks treatment. Sometimes, you have to use the other contraception thing such as c0nd0m while you are doing this treatment.

The Acne Treatment with Antiandrogen

If the antibiotic can not heal the acne, the antiandrogen might being the doctor choices. This medicine is work to avoid the androgen effect to the sebaceous glands. The one of androgen medicine example is spironolactone.

The Isotretinoin For Avoiding The Clogged of the Hair Follicles

The isotretinoin is the acne medicine in pill case. This medicine can avoid the clogging hair follicles and increase amount of the bacteria on the skin. Besides that, the isotretinoin also help to increase the sebum production in skin glands. The isotretinoin can also healing the swollen inside the acne spots and increase the red around the infected skin. The big part of the isotretinoin medicine users need 4 until 6 month before the result is shown. On 7 until 10 days treatment, the acne will be looks spread out. But do not worry, in this condition, it was consider normal on the first usage.

Besides the main of the benefits above, this medicine also have many side effects. So that, the isotretinoin usage only suggest for the severe acne and can not heal with another treatment. It means that its only giving to the people those who especially recipe by the doctor skin specialize. Amount of the side effect from the isotretinoin treatment are:

  1. The changement of blood sugar levels.
  2. The inflammantation, the drought, and the broke that happens to the skin, lips around the hole nose.
  3. There is a blood inside the urine.
  4. Blepharitis or the inflammation of the eyelid.
  5. The conjunctivitis or inflammantation and eyes irritation.

There are amount of issue that the isotretinoin users feels the changement feeling. Even there is no prove about that statement, it would better if it avoid. It is better if you ask to the doctor if you feels pressure and worried, more aggressive or has the shadow to suicide after begin tried the isotretinoin.

Other Side Effect of Acne Treatment

The other side effect from the isotretinoin treatment that really happen is kidney disease, pancreas inflammation, hepatitis or liver inflammation. So that, you are suggest to doing the blood test before or while the medicine treatment to avoid those three effects.

The last side effect from the isotretinoin treatment that worried by the pregnant mom is the abnormalities in the fetus conceived and for the breastfeeding mom.

If you are a woman in the middle of the fertile age. Its better if you use one or two contraception method in one month before the treatment are begin. The treatment running and in one month after the treatment is finished. Even you are has been used the contraception method. You need to check up the fetus before, during, and after the treatment. The pregnant mom also use it. Call your doctor skin specialist if you feels using the isotretinoin medicine while you are pregnant.

The Hormone Therapy for The Menstrual Women Who Experience in Acne

The positive effect from the hormone therapy treatment is often comes to the pimply women. Especially when the acne appear during the menstruation term or if related with the hormone problems. Like a polycystic ovarium syndrome. If you haven’t used that treatment yet. Usually the doctor will suggest you for using the combination of family planning pills. Generally, the combination of family planning pills could help them to heal the acne even it will take one year before the result is shown.

The Choices of Therapy Non-Medicine

Besides using the medicines, there are several treatment technique about the other acne treatment. The treatment technique can be doing by itself or along with medicine consumption. The first is the chemical peels. In this method, the piply skin will be peeled that aimed for killing the new skin layer. On the process, the chemical peels related the with chemistry ingredients, that is salicylic acid.

The second is by using the blackheads extractor. Based on the title, this method will be help the special device that aimed for removing the blackheads. The third is the steroids injection that aimed for removing the acne nodules and cyst tha might be done. Through this technique, the doctor no need to doing the appointment operation but the doctor just need to inject the steroid medicines to the problems skin.

The last is the fotodinamik therapy is the light therapy. Through this method, the acne will be remove by killing the bacterial that caused the inflammation by shooting the light.

That is The acne treatment that you should know. Thanks for coming to my site and please like or follow this site so that you can get update health info from this site.

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