The Beauty Benefits of Tea to Cleanse Skin and Get Rid of Acne

Beauty Benefits of Tea

In this over time, there are too many kinds of the face mask around us. Especially for the natural mask, the ingredients inside are easy to get and easier to make. The which is one natural ingredient to make the natural face mask is using the dregs of tea. Most of the people think that the dregs of tea only will be the trash or only use for making the fertilizer plants, but actually, this thing has awesome benefits for the human healthy face. Too many benefits that you can get from using the natural mask, likes losing acne, lightening the skin, until keeping the elasticity of the skin in order keep the skins toned and younger. Here are the beauty benefits of tea and how to make it based on the usage.

The Beauty Benefits of Tea

1. Get Rid of Acne

Actually, the dregs of tea is very effective to get rid of acne stubborn. In otherwise, the dregs of tea content can also use for clean up your face from the bacteria trigger of the acne growth.

How to use the dregs of tea for get rid of acne:

Let the dregs of tea on one night, then use it on the next day. Then dab it into the face and neck surface, then let it on 15 minutes. After that, wash your face using the cold water to close the facial pores.

2. Lighten Skin

Many people not too understand about the great impact from the dregs of tea. Whereas the content of Vitamin E which contained in tea waste can be usage for lightening your skin and removing the blackhead. In other side the dregs of tea has been worth as the prevent premature aging. All those benefits will you got if you use that in routine.

How to use the dregs of tea for lightening skin:

Let the dregs on one night, then use it on the next day. Apply it on the entire face to the neck, then wait until the mask being dry. For the last step, rinse your face using the clean water then did it all the days in order you’re gonna get the maximal result.

3. Tighten Skin

This thing also can make your skin getting tighten. You just need to apply the dregs of tea on your face.

How to use the dregs of tea for tightening skin:

For the first step, you have to wash the dregs of tea then apply it on your entire face until your neck. It would better if you use it if you’re gonna go to the bed, then wash your face on the next day using cold water. Do this way in routine, at least 2 times in a week for the maximal result.

4. Remove the Puffy Eyes

It’s especially for the people those who had the puffy eyes. This thing can also remove your puffy eyes.

How to use the dregs of tea for removing the puffy eyes:

Let it with the stale tea on one night, then use it for the next day. Lay your heads down, then put your eyes into the water stale tea in opened eyes condition, then massage it slowly especially on the puffy eyes. Do it in 2 times in a week for getting the maximal result.

Here are the beauty benefits of tea to cleanse skin and get rid of acne. Please share this article and like my fans page so that you can get updated health news form this site.



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