The 10 Benefits of Coffee For Skin And Hair

Generally, coffee is enjoyed by drinking only. That’s why there are so many coffee cafe places in the various angles. Even the taste of the coffee is bitter but that’s what makes many people do love it. There is a part of people wanna drink coffee to accompany them on working or many else. Whatever the reason is, but drinking coffee could make body getting spirit full on doing some activity, indeed. Drinking coffee suggested will give a negative effect our body. But the fact, a coffee will give so many positive effects on our health, which is one like uses for beauty care. Several beauty care product and beauty shop have begun to use several items which made of coffee. By the way, as we know that coffees are produced from the seed. Let’s to learn The Benefits of Coffee For Skin And Hair.

The Content of Coffee Compound

As the insight, coffee contains caffeine called “trimetilsantin” which is part of alkaloid compound. Honestly, coffee is so high antioxidant more than fruit and vegetable. That’s why there’s some researcher said that the high antioxidant of coffee itself could prevent free radical including to our skin. From the healthy side, a coffee can use for preventing stroke and heart attack, support brain to think positively, increase the stamina and also help to treat hair fall. A coffee also contains 2 things that really great for our body, that is flavonoid and polyphenol compound. So that, there’s no reason anymore that coffee will give bad effect for health.

The Benefits of Coffee For Skin And Hair

Here are the 10 benefits of coffee for skin and hair that you have to know:

1. Lightening Skin

A dull face will break you’re performing and decrease your confident. By using this coffee mask regularly and the routine then your skin of your face will be bright and lighten. It happens because of the smooth grain of coffee powder lift up the dust and dirt which attached on your face skin that makes your face looks dull.

2. Minimize Skin Cancer Risk

The next of benefits of coffee for skin and hair is minimize skin cancer risk. A skin cancer disease is the skin problem that most serious and very feared. With the all congested activity, often exposed to sunlight and pollution for a long time will increase the risk of skin cancer. It can be avoided by using the coffee mask at least 2 times in a week. The antioxidant of coffee can be ward off the free radical which make the skin broke.

3. Treat the Excess oil on the Face.

In normally, an oil on the face is produced for moisturizing skin and prevent it from drying out. But if the oil on our face is over produced, it will give the bad effect to our face. Likes, trigger an acne and a dull face. That’s why try to use this coffee mask in a routine then you’ll get the face free from any excess oil.

4. Make the Skin Smooth

Generally, our skin will get shaggy if we didn’t take care of our own skin and it will break our perform. Even using makeup, but if the basic of the face is shaggy it will be perfect. That’s why to use this coffee mask as the scrub to smoothing and soften your skin. And it will be lifting the dead skin cells and make your face being smoother.

5. Removing the Black Spot of Acne Scars

The teenager’s problem this time has a black spot on their face and it caused by the acne scars. By this coffee mask, you can remove it all in routine treatment of course. Don’t forget to combine it with baby oil, and slowly it will remove the black spot slowly.

6. Moisturize Skin

Dry skin will look unhealthy, shaggy and scaly. And those are the biggest thing that women avoid. By using this coffee mask which combines chocolate and honey will make your skin get more moisture.

7. Keep Skin Young

The next of benefits of coffee for skin and hair is keep our skin young. The coffee seed ability ward off free radical with the high antioxidant compound content will make your skin looks younger. As we know that free radical can make stimulate skin aging early and that’s thing can we prevent by using coffee mask regularly?

8. Tighten Skin

Untreated skin will look older because of it will trigger wrinkles. It happens because of the decreases of skin elasticity. By using this coffee mask, it will make your skin get tighten, then you’ll be looking more beautiful even without using any makeup.

9. Shrink the Pores

The face skin is more sensitive than another body part. So don’t let you do some wrong care treatment with your own face. You must ever see that there are the people who had the big pore hole on their face, and it must be not good to see. Use this coffee mask 2 times in a week for help you to shrink your skin pores.

10. Removing Acne and Blackheads

The last of benefits of coffee for skin and hair. An acne is a one of skin problem which really disturbs, not only broke our perform but it’s also hurt our face until inflamed. Or another problem can come from the blackheads which make our face look shaggy and many spots. You can use this coffee mask in routine until those problems are lost.

How to Make Coffee Mask

To usage some coffee as the face mask, we need to go to the beauty shop with an expensive price. We can also make itself on our home because all of the ingredients are easy to get. Here are the ingredients and the steps. Ingredients:

  • 4 spoons coffee powder
  • 4 spoons chocolate powder less sugar
  • 2 spoons honey (For dry skin)
  • 2 spoons lemon juice (For Oily Skin)
  • 8 spoons milk/plain or untaste yogurt.

Notes :

if there is no milk/yogurt you can change it with Olive Oil, Coconut Milk, Almond milk, Egg or Virgin Coconut Oil. And for the lemon, you can change it with lime.

Steps For Make Coffee Mask :

1. Combine the coffee powder, chocolate powder, and milk.

2. Mix it well.

3.  Put Honey, then stir it again until a paste is formed.

4. Before it uses, wash your face until the neck with your own facial foam in order that there’s no dust and dirt block the skin absorb the nutrition from the mask.

5. Dab the mask on your face until neck, wait until 20-30 minute.

Steps How to Clean Up The Mask.

1. Use some towel that has been soaked in a warm water.

2. Put it on your face until the mask peels itself.

3. Do not rub too hard, especially for the sensitive skin.

4. You can use this care treatment 1- 2 times in a week.

Those are the 10 benefits of coffee for skin and hair. From those statement, we just knew that honestly, coffee has a several and many benefits that we often don’t know, especially for a skin problem. Don’t forget to use it routine time because if you just use it at one time, you’ll not feel the sensation. Using the natural ingredients do not give fast effect indeed, but it’s better if there’s the side effect that will harm us.

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