How to Brew Cup of Tea Correctly to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea

Brew Cup of Tea Correctly

The Data shows that more than 80% people those who brewing tea with a wrong way. These ways not only decrease the taste and the smells, but it also increases the original content inside the tea itself. Many people consider that drinking tea is the funny activity, but it also consumes because it’s recommended as the thing that has the savor for the human health. Which one beneficial that we can get is from the antioxidant content inside the tea. The antioxidant inside the tea can keep us the body from the free radical damage, even it was from the environment or within the body. Unfortunately, the wrong brewing tea ways could decrease or lose the antioxidant content inside the tea. So that, I’ll show you the true way, how to brew the tea correctly. Let’s learn how to brew cup of tea correctly below :

How to Brew Cup of Tea Correctly

1. Water quality

In order that the content of the tea keeps in optimal condition, try to brew the tea with the pure water and free contaminate. Based on research, the brewing tea which using the distillation step has the high antioxidant content.

2. The temperature and the length when brewing

For getting the taste, smells and the optimal content of the tea, the temperature of the water is important also. In general, the recommended term of brewing tea id for about 2-5 minutes. When brewing the white tea and green tea, let the boiled water for about 30 seconds with the temperature 75 ̊c – 85 ̊c. Based on research, the highest antioxidants levels from the green tea will gotten after brewing process 3-5 minutes with the temperature 80 ̊c. Meanwhile, for the oolong tea, the suggested temperature is 95 ̊c with the long-term 3 minute. And for the highest temperature is suggested for black tea, that more than 99 ̊c.

3. Brewing Tea

The same kind of the tea could give the different benefits health. That depends on the brewing and serving process. When brewing process, there are three things which really influence the original content inside the tea, those are the water quality, the water temperature, and how long we brew the tea.

4. Serving Tea

After it has been brew, actually how to serve the tea is also influence the content of tea quality. For the last optimal result, try to brew and serve the tea in the pot and the porcelain glass. This porcelain glass doesn’t give any reaction with the tea. So that, the taste, the smell and the tea content will be kept. As the insight, drink some tea can be the easier way for decreasing the risk of much kind damage diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. That’s why ensure how’s your way for brewing and serving are compatible, then the tea benefits could get in optimal.

That is how to brew cup of tea correctly to make a perfect cup of tea. Thanks for coming to my site, please share this site and like or follow my fans page so that you can get updated health news from this site.



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