The Definition of Acne : Causes, Treatment, Diagnosis, Complication

Usually, the sufferer of this acne’s problem is some people under the age of 28 years. Especially for the teenager, they were so easy to get this problem in the age of 14-19 years old. Even like that, sometimes the acne will be gone by their self. But for a part of cases, there are still many sufferers of the acne were complaining about their acne, especially in the middle age of 20 years old. the woman in the 20 years old is 5 times more risky got that problem than the man in the 20 years old. Let’s learn about the definition of acne below:

The Definition of Acne

An acne is a skin problem which is signed with the spots appearance in the body parts such as face, neck, back, and chest. The spots appearance can be started from the blackheads (black and white) and the severe spots that containing of pus and cyst. Generally, the severe acne would be left the scar on the skin. In another that, the acne appearance also signed by the oily skin. Sometimes, the acne can make the skin is got felling hot and sore when it touched. There are many parts of the body that will be the acne places and the most general place is on the face. An acne is the general problems, it means that most of people in this world are ever feels that.

The Factors of The Acne Causes

1. The Puberty Period

I’am strongly believe that you must ever heard that the changing of the hormone levels is being the first reason why many people can get the acne. The hormone changing giving the effect of the glands oil or the sebum which is located near the hair folicles in the skin. The increase of the gland activity is produce the more sebum on the face. Then amount of the sebum would be combine with the dirt and the dead skin cells then it would clog the pores.

When the pores is cloged and the sebum is fulfill the surface skin. The bacteria which is called Propionibacterium acne will expand and spread out quickly. The Propionibacterium acne is the causes of an acne. They lost some of irritant substances whereas it would irritating our skin. The effect of this irritation are the skin flushed and wollen and beside that. Its also make the pus apperance behind the skin.

2. The changing hormone in Menstruation and Pregnant Period

The next of acne causes is the changing hormone in menstruation and pregnant period.

3. The heredity

It was big possibility if someone has an acne if their parents also have an acne. But in out there, there are many rumors and issues which declare that s3xual activity, food or bad cleanness is the cause of an acne. There is no prove until now.

The Acne Diagnose

After we learn about definition of acne, now we learn the acne diagnose. Usually, the doctor can diagnose the acne only by checking directly the sufferers skin. After check up, the doctor can decide what kind of the acne which develop and also measure how severe the acne is (inflammation level and the amount of the acne). After the diagnose, the doctor just make the treatment plan.

What Should We Do If We Have an Acne

It’s really important to kept the skin cleanness in the pipled area even it was not prevent the new acne appears. You can clean your face by washing the pimpled area with the water, then dib the facial wash to the area. Remember it, if you don’t want to be irritation don’t scrub your face too hard and fast.

As we have known that in out there, there are so many skin care which is spread out in legal and illegal and it makes the big possibility can be cause the acne and blackheads appearance. So, just use the moisturizer if your skin are dy and do not use the skin care that can clog the pores.

Even the acne can be heal, but it can be control through the medicine. So that, the skin care or the product is still in the checking step right now. The medicine or the skin care such as gel, moisturizer, cream are available in the pharmacy. If you get the acne, i suggest you to consult to the doctor. Especially if the medicine that you use is not give the result or even it makes you get the effect side such as:

The side effect :

  • Swelling in the face, eyes, lips or tongue.
  • Throat ache and out of breath.
  • Fainted.

Generally, the doctor will suggest you to use the product which contains of low benzoyl peroxide concentrate. But one thing that you have to know. In the industry itself the concentrate is use for whitening the cloths so you must to be carefully. Or maybe, if you have an acne which is categorize of severe acne and located in a part of body like chest and back. You need to use the medicine or the anti biotic with the doctor recipe. Le’s continue to learn about definition of acne.

Acne Complication

I suggest you to consult to the doctor if your acne is being more severe cos it may is complication of acne. If you doesn’t treat your acne immediately it would make the acne left the scar. And ask to the doctor about the medicite to prevent the acne growth. Acne treatment need the patience. You are really not suggested to squeeze the acne because it will make the permanent scar. Usually, the treatment shows the optimal result in 3 months.

That is the definition of acne that you should know before you do treatment for your acne. Thanks for coming to this site and please share this article. Also please like or follow my fans page so that you can get updated information about health from this site.

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