The Diagnosis of Acne : Know it Before You Do Treatment

Acne is a skin problem which is signed with the spots appearance in the body parts such as face, neck, back, and chest. The blackheads (black and white) can start the spots appearance and the severe spots that containing of pus and cyst. Let’s learn about the diagnosis of acne before you do treatment:

The Diagnosis of Acne

Hi everyone, let me tell you the diagnosis of an acne. There are 4 levels that we can use to measure the acne severity.

1. Light level

Generally, in the first level, some acne which appears is only like the blackhead (white or black) with a bit of papules and the pustules.

2. Middle level

In the second level, there will be amount of the papules and the pustules that appear in the face.

3. Severe enough level

In the third severe level, the papules and the pustule look more than the first and the second level. In this level usually there is the possibility that the acne can appear on the chest or the back of our body. This severe level will be signed with the several nodule appearances.

4. The last is severe

For the highest severe level of an acne. The pustule and the nodule gonna fullfil part of the body and the sufferer feels sick.

If you go to the Doctor for asking the solution. The doctor will ask many things which is related on your acne. Consist of the medicine or the supplement that you consume. Even by checking the sufferer’s skin the doctor can diagnose the acne. It will begin by checking the acne that appears on your face. Your chest or even on your back. Another that the doctor gonna decide how high severe level of your acne based on the inflammation that shown and amount of the acne. After checking your acne, you can to make the plan of acne’s treatment.

Actually for doing checkup for an acne is too progressive except in the certainty case. For the example, the woman who suddenly get the acne when she’s teenage. In this case, usually the doctor will do the blood test and USG checking to ensure if the woman sufferer is attacked by the polycystic ovary syndrome which is induce the hormonal imbalance and give the effect appearing the acne.

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