8 Easy Exercises for pregnancy to Help You Labor and Delivery

Easy Exercises for pregnancy

Generally, a pregnant mom will be hard to do some exercise because of the growth of the stomach that getting bigger time by time. but there is still a safe exercise and could help when you were in a normal childbirth. In a pregnant condition doesn’t mean that you can’t do any exercise or workout at all, there are 8 easy exercises for pregnancy can practice it at your own home. There are two advantages that you can get, first it will health your own body and the second one it was easy to be done in being old pregnant.

8 Easy Exercises for pregnancy to Help You Labor and Delivery

Here are the list of some workouts or 8 easy exercises for pregnancy that you can try.

1. Squat

First one is squat. Squat and stand, then repeat it again is the way how to do a right squat. This is the safest exercises for pregnant mom especially for a pregnant mom those who were in old pregnant. Squat itself help to strengthen pregnant mom’s hip muscle to be better and push the baby in order that goes down lower. In order that the normal childbirth working well, do this exercise close on the date.

How to do squat:

Stand up with a dilated legs, the go down slowly until in a squat position with strapping back seems like you stand before. Hold on this position for 30 seconds, then stand up again without any help of hands. Repeat it for 10-20 minutes in a day, cause it will decrease a back pain when you were pregnant.

2. Take a Walk

Take a walk has many benefits of the pregnant mom. This easy exercise could be done by pressing with natural contraction. When you feel in contraction, take a walk with a strapping back would help you to make the baby inside in an ideal position to be born.

3. Lift and tilt your hip or pelvis

Next of easy exercises for pregnancy is lift and tilt your hip or pelvis. Lifting a hip is an easy exercise for the pregnant mom to do in home. You just need to prepare a comfort matters to recumbent, then bend your knees with a tiptoed feet to the floor. Lift up slowly your hip, makes sure that your shoulders and your leg isn’t lifted up too. This exercise does not only help to strengthen your muscle but it is also keeps the hip joint loose so that the baby will in the best position when they are born. Do it for 5 to 10 minutes in a day while listening to your favorite music.

4. Pregnant mom sitting in a ball

If you think that your pregnancy is getting bigger and get feel a contraction, a right position of your seat can help you decrease your pain, sthrength your body, and stabilize the hip position. Keep away of sitting in a chair, sofa or even bed that makes your bottom a bit sinking. Make sure that you can sit in an upright and your hip locked in front.

Change your chair be liked a yoga ball like that picture above in order that your hip keeps straight. You also need to try another position such as sitting cross legged in the floor and stretch your leg until the uterus is pushed in front. It will support you to normal childbirth.

5. Lean over your body

Lean over your body is an easy and safe way for the pregnant mom. For example, you can hold on whatever thing around you, likes table, wall, or even on your husband. In addition, you can do it every time.

6. A butterfly position

Stretching a muscle downside of hip, back, thigh is one of the result of this exercise. A butterfly position is a simple exercise that will help your hip hinge become more flexible and launch the childbirth process. You can practice it easily. Take a position near a wall to lean on your back, bend your knees to your feet until it meets. Push your knees down slowly to stretch your thigh muscle. Do it 5 to 10 minutes in a day. You can ask your husband to help you whether if you can’t do this alone.

7. Through up stairs

a pregnant mom that has been in a big pregnancy will be hard on climbing the stairs. But actually, it will help you on launch your childbirth it was a light exercise. Climbing the upstairs will also keep your blood pressure and make your baby position inside better. Besides that, doing this exercise will ease you in contraction process when the birthing openings later.

8. Lunges (stretch out one leg and bend another leg)

The last exercise of easy exercises for pregnancy is Lunges. A pregnant mom those who never do yoga exercise will get bending of the uterine hinge on the downside and make the uterine poison getting narrowed down. The effect, the baby inside is pressed and in a hard position when the birthing. That problem can be decreasing by doing lunges. This is one of yoga position that really benefits for pregnant mom. This position helps the uterine hinge in order that not bending and makes mom’s body to an easy and normal child birthing.

You have to face forward, then put your leg in front. Bend your knees and let one leg in a back and in a long position. This movement can be doing with sideways or straight forward. If it feels hard, ask your husband to keep your back in a straight position. Hold on this position in 30 seconds then repeat it again from the first in 3 to 5 times in a day.

So that, every single mom in this world want to birth the child in a safe and normal ways. Hoping that those exercises above could help you. Good luck and have a nice trying!


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