Flu Shot Effectiveness – Here’s about The Information

flu shot effectiveness

Publishing the data result of analyzing and measuring flu shot effectiveness happens yearly to make sure about the progress in reducing flu issue. Each country has its own data but then the authority will sum up into a global report. But not all people are aware of these vaccines. Knowing about the flu vaccine effectiveness progress is important to see the result of vaccination.

Flu Shot Effectiveness – What is Flu Shot?

For your information, the flu shot is influenza vaccines or some people use flu jabs term in some other way. The aim of vaccination is to protect the human body against the infection of influenza virus. Twice per year, there will be a new version of the vaccine due to the changes in the virus.

World Health Organization (WHO) as the biggest health-based organization recommends that the vaccination should be given yearly. The target of the vaccination is those who are in age over six months. People with a high risk of influenza also become a priority.
The flu shots contain many ingredients, but in very small quantities which may include a deactivated virus. And all of the ingredients will work together to make sure that the vaccine works effectively.

Effectiveness Measurement

The effectiveness of the vaccine is varied every year. And measuring the effectiveness is to observe the reduction of the possible risk after they get the vaccine. But to analyze the works of the vaccine, there is also one called efficacy.

And to know the effectiveness of the vaccine from the data. The analyst should find out when the effectiveness observation result is lower than the efficacy. To measure efficacy by using the rates of illness related to influenza or similar to this disease but not caused by the influenza virus.

This makes the study of its effectiveness is difficult due to some factors. They are such as the vaccine is not matched perfectly, the different prevalence of the virus and sometimes it is difficult to diagnose the illness caused by flu viruses. In fact, there is much influenza-like illness in a high number of the patient too.

How was the progress of effectiveness?

According to data, this year’s viruses in some countries are better than the previous year. Such as an example in Canada, the flu vaccine effectiveness statistic shows that it is increased to 72% compared to last year’s data. While in the US varies in the last three years. The data in the US from 2016-2018 shows both decreased and increased. 40% effectiveness in 2016 then decreased to 36% in 2017 but then highly increased in 2018 with effectiveness percentage of 47%.

Effectiveness is usually they write with percentage. Because effectiveness itself refers to the case of vaccine effect of the vaccinated population compared to unvaccinated ones.

While on a global scale, a good match happened about 15-16 years before 2007. But then it’s all change and will need to update since the virus rapidly changes. Mutation and antigenic drift make the virus with new metabolism arise. This will affect the way of next year’s flu shot effectiveness measurement. And the good progress is depending on how much the vaccine with the type of the virus on the same year it is given.


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