Flu Shot in Kids – Calm Down, It is Safe and They Must Get It

Flu Shot in Kids

Everyone must feel disturbed each time the flu come because the symptoms are really troublesome. It until disturbs the daily activity although it looks like a light illness. Kids are the most risk creature so that they need a flu shot on kids. What is that? Okay, it is a flu vaccine giving by needle or shot. In fact, not all people need it and children is under 5 years. Well, flu shot on toddlers and kids will be the topic of the day which parents must know. So, they do not give it carelessly without a prescription.

Flu Shot in Kids: When the best time to give and how is the dosage?

Flu has its season is that during winter and February is the worst month for flu. Kids must get the vaccine as soon as possible at least once a year. Precisely, you choose autumn season or before October to give the flu shots for kids. Then, how is the dosage that they should receive? Okay, let’s see the explanation of the dosage below:

  • Kids above 9-year-old need one dosage and at least they get it one in their life. Who knows they never get the flu vaccine before in 5 years old?
  • Meanwhile, kids under 9 years old need two dosages.

Usually, children are afraid of a needle or shot so that giving the vaccine is not easy. Fortunately, there are 3 tricks to give the flu shot in the child without drama:

  1. Ask them to hold your (mom or dad) arms.
  2. Make their arms feel relax before the shot is done.
  3. Recommend them to conduct cough. Apparently, this action (cough) makes them do not feel pain when getting a shot.

How are your Children do not get the Flu Vaccine since the Earlier?

Surely, the flu vaccine is safe to give for everyone not only the children. Pregnant women, women after childbirth, breastfeeding women, elderly until the people with the long-term health condition need it. Indeed, the influenza vaccine itself contains the weaken virus but it will help you more ready to fight flue anytime. For your information that flu may very dangerous for kids until causing some complications such as the following:

1. Sinus and ear infection.

2. Dehydration: Flu makes kids loss to much water and salt. Therefore, they need to drink much warm pure water to avoid it.

3. Pneumonia: It is an illness wherein the lungs are getting infection and inflammation.

4. Encephalopathy : This is one kind of brain dysfunction.

5. Flu may cause Asthma and heart illnesses (long-term health condition).

6. Actually, it is very rare to happen but flu may cause death for kids.

In fact, the toddler is very risk of flu and that is why your baby needs to get the vaccine. Additionally, flu shot in kids gets a high recommendation from many levels. It is because the vaccine will work directly after entering the blood vessel. Nonetheless, there are some effects which are not dangerous and only take place in several days. Feel free to take the vaccine at least once a year. Besides that, do not forget to do a clean and healthy life as the best prevention.


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