Flu Shot Side Effects from Common to Serious Types – Should be Afraid?

flu shot side effects

For adults, flu is a light health disorder and not dangerous. Even though, it quite disturbs their activities until 7 days or more. Usually, people do prevention such as giving a flu shot. Even though some people find the flu shot side effects both it common and serious.

Apparently, it makes them think again and feel afraid to use. However, everyone needs it primarily kids. Well, do not make any assumption first before finding the flu shot facts and side effects. So, let’s find it along with this page to answer your wonder.

Knowing some facts before reading Flu Shot Side Effects

Calm down and let’s find out the truth about the flu and the shot first. Flu is the illness wherein influenza is the virus causing health disorder. Itself differs from cold because the symptoms itself is very fast and heavy. Even, the spreading walk very fast through several media and direct contact. Besides that, it can attack the people from another who looks healthy. Well, those are some facts about the flu and below are some facts of one of this influenza vaccine:

1. The flu shot is the vaccine giving by shot or needle.

2. It consists of the weaken virus of influenza to fight the flu virus.

3. The toddler is the people who most need to get it.

4. Women after childbirth, pregnancy women, and breastfeeding women also need it.

5. Elderly and people with long-term health also need it.

6. People at least get it one in their lifetime.

7. The flu shot is the most effective vaccine for this illness.

8. Autumn is the best time to get the vaccine.

Common and Serious Side Effects from the Flu Shot

In this part, this page wants to show two kinds of the side effects of the flu shot. First, it will reveal the 4 common side effects of this flu vaccine:

• React on the area

The common side effect occurs in the injection area in the form of redness, warmth, pain until swollen. Even though it will disappear in less than 2 hours and you can drink ibuprofen to reduce the pain.

• Headachy and other pains

You might feel headache and other pains in two days but you can reduce with some medicine.

• Fainted

Fainted is rare to happen but it might happen less than two days. Precisely, you sit down after getting injection as well as snacking before and after it.

• Fever

The fever is in 38o Celsius and it will disappear in two days too. You can also drink some medicines to reduce it.

Next, there are 3 points from the flu vaccine side effects from shot type:

• GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome)

This is a neurological condition causing weakness and paralysis throughout the body. Nevertheless, it is not clear whether the flu vaccine is true for this case.

• Severe allergic reaction

It may in the form of dizziness, weakness, itching, swelling, difficulty breathing, to a rapid heartbeat.

• High fever

Differ from the common side effects, the fever may reach more than 38o delicious.

Well, those are the common and serious flu shot side effects that may happen for you. However, the vaccine works effectively and safely. Okay, keep consulting your doctor first before deciding to use it.


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