Flu Symptoms in Kids – It Differs From Cold And May Cause Fatal Effects

Flu symptoms in kids

Seeing the children is achy always make each parents’ heart feel unbearable. Indeed, feeling panic directly when knowing this condition is normal although it only a flu. Unluckily, this case makes them wrong take action. They often misinterpret about the cold and flu symptoms in kids or flu symptoms in toddlers. Both diseases are difficult to differentiate because they are similar. Certainly, today will make clear those illnesses coming from the virus. However, it might discuss a lot about the flu in children. Exactly, it refers to how it spreads, causes, symptoms, until the treatment. So, mom and dad must know it.

Flu Symptoms in Kids – So, is it a Cold or Flu?

Many people regard that between flu and cold is similar because both produce snot. Apparently, both are different especially on the cause. For more information, let’s see some explanation below:

  • The cause of flu comes from 3 kinds of influenza virus wherein the type A and B refer to yearly endemic. Meanwhile, type C only cause a random and light. The Influenza (flu) in children spreads quickly primarily in a close distance.
  • Even though, the cold comes from a rhinovirus virus causing an upper respiratory tract infection. Surely, the spread is not as fast as a flue. Cold almost does not have a symptom or it just in the form of the mild fever. Differ from the flue, the children with the cold still looks like healthy and normal.

So, do you start to understand both illnesses? It is a cold or the flu, you should answer it because of the next step depending on your comprehension.

Symptoms and Treatment to overcome the kids’ Flu

Actually not only children but adult also feel bed when flu come to attack. It is because the symptoms are very troublesome. Moreover, all parts of the body from the head until the feet feel pain. So, what are the flu symptoms in a child? Here is the complete information about it:

  1. Kids feel sick suddenly.
  2. They get high fever until 104 Farentheight degree
  3. Very low energy and extreme fatigue.
  4. Feel a headache.
  5. Loss appetite or less than in healthy condition.
  6. Feel muscles or body achy.
  7. Have chills sometimes until shivering.
  8. Get a cough
  9. Sore throat
  10. Get stomach, nausea, and gag ( these symptoms are special in children)

Roughly, those are the symptoms of flu attacking the children. In fact, the children who get this virus can spread it for one day before they feel sick. Even, it still takes place until 5 and 7 days after that. When they are getting flu, the spread is stronger and faster again.

Moreover, they do direct contact in a short distance both at school and through the goods that they hold. All this time, there is no medicine able to heal flue because the virus cannot die. Exactly, the medicine giving to the sufferer only relieve symptoms. Well, there are 4 steps as the treatment action when your children getting flu such as below:

1. Call or see the doctor

Flu attacking the children needs more attention than an adult because it may cause many serious illnesses. Therefore, call the doctor after you try to heal them at home about 3 or 5 days without any changing.

2. Manage the symptoms

If the symptoms are still light, you can give acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Even though, give it for the children at least above 6-month-old. These medicines may reduce fever, headache, and other symptoms. However, never give aspirin for kids.

3. Looking for antiviral drugs

The antiviral drugs can be in the form of tablet, pill, capsule, liquid, or inhaler. Using one of them can fasten the symptoms disappear.

4. Know when to really looking for a help

Bring your children immediately when their fever never diminishes in 48 hours. If you do not make a step, you can be lost.

Okay, those are the flu symptoms in kids, spread, cause, treatment and the difference with cold. Apparently, it is a serious illness for children wherein it can cause some complications even death. Luckily, you can prevent the symptoms from keeping a healthy and clean life. Yeah, it is easy!



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