Headache Causes

Generally, the headache causes can be due to stress or due to medical disorder such as high blood pressure, migraine, depression. Headache can be caused by various things, but generally, headache can be divided based on the cause. The first, headache is not from other disease. It is the primary headache and headache caused by other diseases, it is the secondary headache.

Primary Headache

Headaches are from other diseases or other condition, it’s the primary headaches. This categorize is usually experience by a lot of people in the world. The types of primary headaches is cluster headache, migrane, tension headache.

Secondary Headache

There are several common causes of secondary headache :

  1. Headaches caused by infectious meningitis. Infections can also be from other body parts, such as sinusitis, flu, ear infections, and dental infections.
  2. Trauma from accident.
  3. Bleeding or blockage of blood vessels in the brain.
  4. Brain cancer.
  5. Headache caused by too much pain relief

If you have got headaches because of the above please go to the doctor to get more diagnosis and further treatment. If you have experience like this you may get a serious illness so you should be the doctor soon.

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