Headache on Back of Head – Be Careful to the Last Point

Headache on Back of Head

How often you get a headache? Do not underestimate this pain because it might be a sign of a current serious illness. Even though do not be panic first and you need to observe it first. Identify whether you get a headache on the back of the head or on top. When you feel the pain on the back, it might indicate some illnesses. It indirectly tells you that you have arthritis, migraine, poor posture, tension, herniated disk, and so on. Today, there will be a complete discussion about pain in the back of the head. You need to know here before meeting your doctor.

7 Signs coming from your Headache on Back of Head

Headache and dizzy are the common illness that all people ever felt it. Absolutely, both include as the light disorder if it rarely happens. Even, starving also causes headache and it will disappear after you eat. Nevertheless, almost all diseases from light to serious always create this pain and disturb people activity. Therefore, it is quite important to know the cause of the pain in the back of the head. To make sure what is happening in your body, let’s pay attention to 7 diseases such as below:

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is the pain coming from the inflammation and swelling in the neck area. Two categories causing headache in the back are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Tension

It is the second cause which causing headache on the back area wherein the duration may be until 7 days. On the other hands, it may happen only in 30 minutes. The causes of the tension headache are insomnia, fatigue, stress, dehydration, and many more.

3. Poor Posture

The fact is the poor posture not only causes headache but also tension in some areas. It causes pain on the neck, shoulders, and the back.

4. Migraine

Migraine is the headache wherein women are the creatures who often feel it. Nonetheless, men also can get it with less frequency than the woman. There are some symptoms to identify the pain in your head that it is a migraine. It is such as nausea, vomiting, not clear vision, and the exceptional pulse on the head.

5. Herniated Disk

A herniated disk or Cervicogenic is the pain emerging when you are lying down. So, it often disturbs the sleep of the sufferers.

6. Optical Neuralgia

It is the condition of the damage of the nerve running from the spinal cord to the scalp.

7. Cluster headache

Actually, the cluster headache is rare to happen but it is extremely painful for the sufferer. Even, the condition with another name cluster period may get worse when lying down.

2 Other Signs causing the Headache on your Back Head

It turns out there are two other signs why do you feel this headache. Your headache on the backside of the head might be because of:

• Exercise

It likely sounds strange but some people said that they feel a headache during and after doing exercise. Nevertheless, it does not something bad and it will disappear soon. You can let it go naturally or use medicine. Usually, they get this pain after they running various training such as running and heavy lifting.

• Rebound Headache or Medication Overuse Headaches (MOH)

Although headache is quite disturbing people’s activity, it is very better to use natural treatment. You can ask for someone to massage the pain area, take a rest, or drink much plain water. If you often consume the headache medicine, you might get a new headache type. Rebound or the medication overuse headache is the example. So, only use medicine when you feel it too heave.

So, there is 9 likeliness why you feel headache on the back of the head. Understanding those causes eases you to make an action to reduce the pain. Precisely, you use natural medication until 3 days. After that or you feel it worse, you should meet your doctor directly.


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