3 Types of Headache on Right Side And Quick Tips When It Attacks

Headache on Right Side

Many of us have already experienced a headache on the right side which sometimes so painful. As its name, this headache is only painful on the right side of the head. This kind of headache usually happens due to many factors such as weakness, cognitive changes, a fever, and head injury. But sometimes, it can be a sign of some illness. Although medically there are more than 300 types of headache, at least there are three types of headaches that only happen on the right side which sometimes comes and goes.

3 Types of Headache on Right side

Below is the explanation of three types of headache that usually occurs on the right side of the head:

1. Migraine

We know that migraine is a type of headache on one side of the head. Sometimes it happens either on the left or right side. And to make sure that it is a migraine headache, there are some signs that you may have a migraine.

The headache on the right of the head could be a migraine if it has signed such as nausea, pulsating sensations, and vomiting. Sometimes, it also accompanied by signs such as blurred vision, sensitivity to light and sound. And the kind of pain is throbbing in the head.
Some factors that may cause migraine are including bright lights, anxiety, loud noise, hormonal changes, and strong smells.

2. Tension headache

Another type of headache, in this case, is a tension headache. This is a very common headache and affects almost 75% of the people. to make sure that it is a kind of tension headache, there are many signs that you need to know.

Some of the signs of tension headache are a headache on the right side back of the head are including aching pain, dull, scalp tenderness, and sometimes a tightness or pressure in the head. Not only pressure feeling on the back of the head but also can happen on the forehead or the sides as a whole.

3. Cluster headache

Cluster headache is almost likely to migraine, but some signs make it different. This is a cyclical pattern and sometimes the eyes can feel the pain too. And sometimes, this kind of headache on the right side causes the pain in the right face. This headache can happen up to a month. The signs are including painful headache, red or watery eyes, restlessness and swelling around the affected eye.

Quick Tips to Relief It

If sometimes one of three types of headache on the right side of head above happens to you, you can treat it quickly using some medicine and some self-treatment.

Self-treatment is including applying a warm or cold compress. Apply it in your neck because it can help reduce the pain. Drink water to prevent dehydration. You can also massage tight the muscles in your neck. Apply it in your shoulder too because it can help you relax which then reduce the pain. If you have a sensitive vision, stay away from phone, TV or computer.

For the medicine, you can prepare some aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol. Make sure you read the usage dosage so it’s effective to heal you. If the medicine doesn’t work and the headache on the right side of the head comes in three days, you should see the doctor for the right medical treatment.


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