Headache on Top of Head – Here are 6+ Causes Both Common and Rare

Headache on Top of Head

Headache may destroy any planning suddenly instead you feel okay before it comes. Occasionally, this pain signs something bad happen in your body. The headache on top of the head, for instance, might appear because of some causes. Although the headache does not include the worrying illness category, some cases inform something else. By the way, is the cause similar to the headache on the back of the head? Well, let’s check it together to find the truth toward this condition. Besides that causes, this page as well wants to inform the natural treatment to relieve.

6 Common Causes of Headache on Top of Head

You should know that headache has numerous causes both in common and rare to happen. Here are 6 common causes that trigger the head on top of the skull:

1. Training or Exercise

It turns out the pain on the head may appear when or after doing exercise. You might conduct running or heavy lifting. Additionally, sex also causes pain on top of the head.

2. Sleep Deprivation

You surely believe that insomnia creates headache because you still feel physical fatigue. Usually, it will relieve if you overcome your insomnia.

3. Worse Headache

This condition occurs when you too much consuming the headache medication. So, this often has other names of MOH (medication overuse headache) or rebound. You really must be careful toward this headache on the top and back of the head. Yeah, you might feel on those parts.

4. Optical Neuralgic

It starts to be serious wherein the optical neuralgic is the condition of the nerve damage because of irritation. The nerve is the nerve starting from the back to the scalp.

5. Cluster Headache

The cluster headache often makes the sufferers cannot sleep because the pain is too heavy. It often emerges on the side of the head and in the back of the eyes.

6. Sinus Headache

Lastly, there is a sinus headache in which it attacks the side and top of the head. The headache on the side and top of the head emerge because of the infection or illness. The condition will be better after the basic illness gets treatment.

Absolutely, there are other causes making you getting head pain on your scalp. It is such as the brain freeze, chronic headache, tension headache, migraine, and sleep headache.

2 Rare Causes of Headache that need to know

At least there are 2 causes of headache on your top headache which you must beware. They are:

  • RCVS (Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome)

RCVS is the severe sudden headache which can sign an illness that life-threatening condition. It often appears when people get a stroke or bleeding in the brain.

  • Hypertension Headaches

The high blood pressure often causes headache until the hairs and scalp get a pull out like a ponytail. Both RCVS and the hypertension headache must get a medication as soon as possible.

6 Natural Treatments for the Headache attacking your Top of Head

In general, people will take medicine immediately when they feel pain on their head. They regard that it safes and quick to heal the pain. Apparently, relieve headaches at the top of the head using the chemical medication is quite dangerous. Moreover, you have been addicting toward medicine. It may cause MOH such as the explanation above. Before getting severe, you can try these 6 natural treatments:

1. Brainstem Pressure

Pressuring the brainstem area may relieve your headache effectively.

2. Intracranial Pressure

You can pressure the intracranial pressure when your headache feels in the upper neck.

3. Make Fluent the Blood Flow

Headache may happen because the flow of the blood from the heart to the brain is not optimal. You can lye down on the mattress with the position of two feet on the wall.

4. Massage

You can massage your head, neck until shoulders alone to relieve pain.

5. Diet

Some headaches appear after you change your diet. Drinking much coffee also triggers the headache. Therefore, change with healthy food and water.

6. Healthy Lifestyle

Choose to live healthier with doing yoga, breath treatment, enough sleeping, and so on.

Well, those are some information of headache on top of the head. You do not need to be panic as long as the pain is not heavy and rare. However, you should go to the doctor if you get a headache from one of the causes above.


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