The Indications of Influenza

Usually, the indications of influenza will be developed so bad on 3 days after it influenced by the virus. So that, here are the indications of influenza:

The Indications of Influenza

1. Fever

2. Weary

3. A Dry Cough

4. A Headache

5. Fatigue

6. Shiver

7. Throat ache

8. Sneezing, Stuffy and runny nose

9. Less desire to eat

Majority the influenza sufferers will be health in a term for about 1 week. Even that, there are many people still feel a cough or getting weary until the next week . And for the suggestion, you would be better to take care of yourself and checking up to the doctor if:

– You are categorizes as the people those who susceptible of influenza complication, like a pregnant mom, elderly, the chronic disease sufferers (such as: lungs and heart desease, or the people with a low immune system.

– The influenza indication that you feel didn’t decrease at all, get more advanced, or moreover doesn’t heal after 7 days.

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