Influenza Prevention

As we have known that influenza is a disease that caused by some virus. This disease is believed can influence. So that we have to be alert in order that we are not influenced by the virus which attacks our health condition. Here are the steps that we can do for infection of influenza prevention :

Influenza Prevention

1. Kept the cleanness

2. Always wash your hands ( before eating or after holding dirty thing)

3. Close your mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing.

4. When you go aside use the face mask especially for the public transport users or when you are around influenza’s sufferer.

5. Make sure that our body receives enough vitamin and nutrition intake.

6. Sleep enough.

7. Regular workout.

8. Kept the fluids intake.

Influenza Vaccination

Influenza vaccination that we’ve got in Indonesia Influenza vaccination type A and B. This influenza vaccination consists of the inactive virus and it would give by injected to the muscle (intramuscular). This vaccine is recommended for:

a. All people with the age 65 and over.

b. The kids and the adult that having some disease such as asthma, diabetes, kidney disease, weak immune system.

c. The people those who often face with influenza. For example, the people those who lived with the influenza sufferer or the babysitter of the people with the age 6-23 month.

d. This influenza immunization also gives to the healthy kids with the age of the 6-23 month.

This vaccination can give to the kids while they are in the 6 months with once a year frequency. For the kids and the adult which have the weak immune system, this vaccine only gives twice with the term 1 month after the first vaccination.

Even like that, actually influenza vaccination is also given to almost all people. But there is the certainty condition for getting this vaccine, those are:

  • The people who getting the broken allergy (anfilaxis) from the first vaccination before.
  • The people those who have the swelling lips or tongue after eating the egg. Or the people those who have the respiratory distress or fainting.
  • The people those who sustaining the high fever.

But, you also have to know the side effect of the influenza vaccination is fever, cough, throat ache, muscle ache, headache. Meanwhile, there are also people will get over sneezing, out of breath, earache and itchy. Hopefully, that information above could give a lot of benefits for the readers. Read Also Influenza, Influenza Prevention, Influenza Treatment, Influenza Indication. Goodluck!

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