15 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally and Quickly That You Have to Try

Lose Weight Naturally

Part of human feels that way to lose weight naturally it was so easy, but in outside there, there also many people feels to lose weight is really hard. For the people those who overweight and feels that losing weight is really hard they just think that losing weight is in vain. But as we have known that give up is not a great solution. Actually, there are a lot of ways to lose weight which quickly and naturally without feeling stress and spend much money. Consistency and full of commitment is the key to losing weight.

For getting the ideal body is the main purpose of losing the weight. Need to memorize that the shapes of the ideal body are not always same with the ideal weight. If the shapes of the body is the subjective point, so that the weight is the objective thing. Are you considers that your body has been ideal? Do not be pessimist, because of the ideal shapes of the body doesn’t always same with your ideal weight. So, for getting the ideal weight without goes to the hospital or go to consult to the doctor, liposuction, consuming slimming pills. Right now, you can know ways to lose weight naturally and quickly.

15 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally and Quickly with Diet Treatment

The ways to lose weight naturally is identical or well-known with diet. Yeah, for losing weight is needed the diet process. Even we do not use the extreme diet which make the people not eating at all because of they just wanna lose their weight quickly. The diet with a drastic change pattern until making that people not eating, it would make the people getting sick. Even they were have done it with a hard effort , the unhealthy diet will make the significant change. I suggest you to apply the healthy lifestyle sake of keeping the ideal weight stability in a long term.

1. Think optimistically

Besides make and find a target, you have to control your mind to slimming your body. Applied the positive and optimistically thinking that you can be thin. Do not imagine the foods that fail your diet process during the process is running.

2. Make the Target.

Make a realistic target before the diet process is begin and during the diet process is running. Do not too obsessed to lose the weight quickly. At least, 1 kg in a week is pretty enough. Don’t forget to apply a little target like a not eating the greasy food, not eating fast food, and etc.

3. Active to Move

The next way of lose weight naturally is active tomove. It’s would be a bad news for you if you are including the people those who lazy to walk and move. If you are lazy to move, it seems like there’s no energy that coming out from your body. Come on guys, for being active to move was so easy.

For the example like take a walk. You would prefer to take a walk to everywhere that you use the motorcycle for going everywhere. If you have a big dream to be slim but you just staring at your own computer screen, it means nothing. Just start it by doing a little thing such as parking our vehicle from our destination in order that makes us need to take a walk first or not use the lift and the escalator.

4. Consume Fiber-Rich Food

You can consume fruits to lose weight naturally. The food which contains a lot of fiber likes peas, avocado, banana, papaya, broccoli, cabbage, pear, corn and brown rice. Another benefits of fruit high in fiber is:

  • Helping the detoxification process inside the body.
  • Help to lose weight.
  • Lose the high cholesterol.
  • Clean up the digestive tract.
  • Protect the body from the disease.
  • Avoiding from the fatty deposits in the vessels blood.
  • Controlling the blood sugar.
  • Postpone the glucose filter.

5. Drink more mineral water.

Our body is needing a lot of fluids. Water mineral is really important for our body. The water mineral helps the body metabolism to enhance the kindey works, killing the poison inside, make our skin smoothiest and brighter, and help the enhance of the brain work. Other than that’s benefits, water mineral could be losing weight. Before you are eating drink the mineral water one glass then you feel full and it could make your food size is reduced.

6. Expand the meal frequency, but reduce the meal portion.

Many people think that if increasing the wight food frequency in a day could help them to lose weight naturally. But the fact, this opinion is absolutely wrong. The people that eat with the huge portion even at once it will make a new problem. Its enough by reducing the portion, such as only eat 3 spoons of rice and the dish but in the same or over frequency. Or you can eat in 3 times at one day.

7. Avoid the snack from the high sugar contains.

Avoid to be consume the meal with the high sugar contain. Read the nutrition table nutrition that available in the every snack package that you’re gonna eat or drink. Consuming the foods with the over sugar can make you having many risks such as the diabetes, high cholesterol, addictive to eat sweet foods, obesity, the cavity and another diseases. You are also need avoid the soft drink which is contain of the high sugar.

8. Avoid eating more than 6 p.m

Breakfast is absolutely need more portion that can be as our energy during one day and also with the lunch. The lunch portion have to less than breakfast. Its also with the dinner. Because of the activity has been done, you don’t need to consume the weight meal anymore. The rice can be change with some of apple. Or even you want to eat when the night comes, do not sleep after that. Wait until several hours.

9. Drink the hot lime every morning.

Lime fruit has a lot of positive benefits for healthy. By drinking the lime juice with the warm water while diet process could help you to lose weight faster. A lime rich in the vitamin C that works to filter the calcium inside the fat cells till make you lose weight. Natural and health and diet not too tight and torturous. But it also needs a high commitment in order that weight going down based on the scales and giving the effect in a long term.

How to lose weight naturally by exercising.

It would be a great news for you those who lazy to working out. Do not give up too fast, it’s not only doing a hard work out. To lose weight naturally, there are a lot of exercises that not take a lot of your energy. Even it is for the boys or for the girls, doing some exercise is one of the proven ways to lose weight fast, naturally with fast and more practice.

10. Yoga

Yoga is one of exercise the make the strength, flexibility, and respiration being as the central. The research in India prove that Yoga losing the over gas inside the stomach until fluent the digestive and lose the fat in stomach. Exercising and harmonizing the body and the mind to be more enjoy that make the body losing the hormone that could help burning fat process inside the body effectively. Start the Yoga exercise during 10 until 20 minutes every day in order that the body can doing the metabolism system being maximal.

11. Cardio exercise

Cardio exercise is one of the kinds exercise that involve all the parts of bodies, such as running, cycling, swimming, and the other. By doing cardio work out, the muscles in our body work from the calf muscles, thigh muscles, back muscles, stomach muscles, arm muscles and shoulder muscles.

12. Sit up and push up

Another easy way is doing sit up and push up. But you need to do it routinely for getting the maximal result. Do it 10 times, even for sit-up or push-up. Increase the intensity of the exercise every day. This thing could help you lose your weight in the short time. Doing a sit-up in the every morning could be benefits to control your food desire because of it could make you ease to full.

How to lose weight naturally with the traditional way

If you don’t have a lot of times to exercises or too tired after going back from the office, you can try this natural way to lose weight naturally that using the traditional contents that has been proven the benefits. In our beloved country, Indonesia, we have a lot of kind herbal plants that have been used for many times. The herbal plants also come in a fast food package and also used for the medical industry. There’s no wrong if you try to use the traditional way to lose weight. Besides that, this way is more safe and there’s no side effect and it was so cheap.

13. Green Tea

Brew Cup of Tea Correctly

The next of the ways to lose weight naturally and traditional is drink the green tea routinely. The green tea is well-known for having a lot of benefits. Since a long time ago, green tea is believed being the one of the way to lose weight effectively.

  • For getting the benefits of green tea drink it regularly before you eat.
  • Ensure that you drink the green tea without using sugar.
  • By drink it before eating, it will make your stomach automatically more full when eat and of course it will reduce your meal portion.

The green tea fluent the body metabolism, including the fat metabolism till help you to lose the fat inside the body. Besides that, green tea rich of the anti-oxidant that give the benefits to avoid the cancer and reduce the bad cholesterol levels LDL inside the body.

14. Honey and Ginger

A honey is well-known having a lot of benefits to avoid and healing several disease. Seems like honey. Honey used as the one of the way to lose weight naturally. A honey contains of the content that burns the bodies fat indirectly that is fructose. Meanwhile, the ginger can be push the eat desire naturally until you can be reduce the food intake easier because of no too hungry. The steps to make it is pretty easy:

  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoon of ginger squeeze
  • Combine it into the glass and brew it with the hot water.
  • Drink it twice in a day.

15. The Lime Tea

Not should be use the green tea, you can also use the original tea and mix it with the lime squeeze. This is steps:

  • Prepared some of tea or 3 spoons of tea
  • 1 lime fruit
  • Glass of hot water
  • Brew the tea and mix it with the lime squeeze into the tea.
  • Then consume it routinely.

In the fact, you don’t need to hurry when you try to lose weight. Even there is another ways to lose weight naturally and quickly, instantly, but it would be better if you try to lose weight naturally in order that there is no unexpected things happens. Hopefully, it would give the benefits for the reader.



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