How to Teach The Children to Left The Positive Footprint in Social Media

Left The Positive Footprint in Social Media

Based on the title, you would better if you help and motivate them to manage the positive digital footprint that would be as the asset for their future. Than you teach them about the internet security and decrease their digital footprint. In this era, kids are the productive users. Many people are worry about the effect of the digital footprint in the future that they were made right now. Meanwhile, there are a lot of discussion about his to make the kids keep save and that’s only a little bit insight about how the kids could manage their digital footprint and left the positive footprint in social media.

Even the digital footprint is considered as a burden, if it someone can manage it well, it would be the great asset. As the information, the digital footprint can show the identity, skills and interest. This is really important because of there is some company that searches for and check the identity and verifying their data. In this case, do not have the digital footprint seems like you have a digital footprint but you can not manage it well.

The “Best Footprint Forward” investigate what the kids gotta know about the digital footprint. Then they are making some of focus group which is consists of 33 kids on 10-12 years old from 3 difference school in NSW. The anlys on the focus group said that the kids have the strategy to keep them save on the network, but they also need a better guide to know how to left the positive footprint in social media.

What The Kids Knows And Doing About A Digital Footprint

Left The Positive Footprint in Social Media

This project found that even the kids use the internet for any purpose (For example doing homework, playing, watch the video and etc). The most popular activity that the kids do on the internet is communicating with their friends. The big part of the focus group uses the Instagram application to communicate with each other. The things that kids understand about the digital footprint:

1. Whatever things that you’ve been post or put in the network will be stay there.

2. The people can find you if left the identification information, such as address or your full name.

3. The boss gonna check your social media.

They are talking about the security system like the password. Do not put the detail of the private online (such as name, address, and the birthday), block some people those who disturb them, get the suggestion from their parents, do not click some stupid things, not post their face. They will know the awareness about the possibility from their action consequences.

The implication from the digital footprint awareness makes them tried to minimize it, tried not to calculate on daring. Their main purpose to communicate through Instagram used that from the Direct Message (DM). That’s except for one kid, they are set their private account and upload a bit photos of them. They are just using that to communicate.
Meanwhile, the kids from the study have the high awareness level of the digital footprint, and they are just release about the liability. The other side, their respond is not involved the discussion about the every benefits that offers by the digital footprint. Their re-used on the Instagram application as the direct message system shown the approachment which is smart and pragmatic on this problem. Seems like the word that has been declared from some girl “the internet will always save it”

Teach The Children to Left The Positive Footprint in Social Media

The kids could correct their attending from their daring. They are also can teach with the explicit if not all the things that they have done need to daring hide. The correction is knows something that whatever things that need to post in public. And whatever things that should be the privation. Meanwhile, many people understand about the right way to save the conversation with their friends in public. But for the kids, they are need to teach about the digital artifacts which is shown their interest, achievement. And skill that the have that worth to be post in public and can be recognize. The school project, the appreciation, the piece of writing, and the digital artwork is the great example to be post.

Put the daring school project can be increase the positive digital footprint for the kids. Teach the kids to correction their achievement. Their skill and many aspects from their digital identity that would help them to be ready for the free wide daring. Which is can come along with the senior school. When should start educating the positive digital footprint? There are 4 reasons why in the 2 last years the elementary school is the ideal target to begin teaching the kids about the positive digital footprint.

4 Reason We Must Teach to left Left The Positive Footprint in Social Media at the School

  • They are less information about this thing and not release. If the digital footprint could be the positive asset for their own future.
  • The kids in this period were transition from the dominant behavior that is playing game. And watching to video to the internet usage and the more creative social media and create something.
  • The different parenting style doesn’t means that they will get the same information on their home.
  • The power of the message of cyber security that they have been got from their school shows that it could establish the knowledge. Then the kids will give the choices which daring that would better unseen. And the which one will be advantage if it post.

That is article of how important to teach the children to left the positive footprint in social media. Thanks for reading my article and like the fans page or google+ and share. goodluck!!


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