What Causes Acne? 14 Causes of Acne That You Should Know

The acne can appear when the hair follicles are clogged and it mixed with the dead skin cells. The dirt and the sebum (is the things which produced by the oil glands which is a function to avoid the dry of the skin). After that, it will be infected by the bacterial because of the inflammation on that clogged area. In the case of the blackheads, the clogged follicles will the skin pores. In the opposite, on white blackheads the clogged follicles located not too far under the skin surface and make the bulge. As the human being, we do not underestimate about an acne and the blackheads. Because of that condition could be growth being the severe acne. For example, the growth of the pustules, the papules, the nodules, or even the cyst if the clogged follicles also infected by the bacterial. Let’s learn what causes acne:

What Causes Acne? 14 Causes of Acne

There are many factors that can be a trigger or being the influence of the risk that human can be get the acne, those are what causes acne:

– Hormone Changes

It was calculated that the acne that comes to the adult is happened because of the hormone changes. Eight from ten case of the acne of the adult happen to woman. Why? Because of the woman can be feel the hormone changes on the certainly event. Exactly when they are in period and pregnant. For the menstruation girl or woman, the acne will be growth in the term a head of the menstruation period and for the pregnant woman, the acne will be growth on the 3 first months. For the woman who feels the condition of the ovary polycystic syndrome. The things that will be appear is not only the acne. But weight will be increase and there will be a little cyst inside the ovary can be happen.

– Puberty Period

This things is usually happen to the teenager. On the puberty term, the sebum production of the oil glands will be increase all along with the high production of the testosteron hormone. And sometimes, the sebum production is over than the skins necessity.

– The effect side of cosmetic usage

– The irritation because of the things that they use

The next what causes acne is irritation. The acne can be appear because of the rubbing or pressure from the material that we usually use to our skin continuously. For the example, the acne spots that appear because of we often use the headband or the acne spots on our back because of using the backpack routinely.

– Smoking Addiction

– Stress

– The Effect Side of the Medicine

Generally, this thing happens to the lithium, steroid and anti epilepsy medicine users. The vitamins B2, B6, and B12 can also cause the acne.

– The Heredity

If we have parents that ever have a problem with an acne. So there will the possibility that we will have the same thing. Moreover, the acne levels might more severe before you are getting adult. Besides that, even until now your parents is still have the problem of an acne. There will be the big risk for us for getting the acne even after we are in the adult age.

Part of us not really understand about an acne. Even the acne is happened to the part of human in this world. But in outside there, there are so many hoax that they are relate it as the acne caused, for example likes:

– Someone will be infected an acne that happens to the other

– Issued the blackheads is the best way to remove the acne

Meanwhile, issued the acne will make the acne growth getting worse or until make it left the scar.

– An acne appearance is caused by the s3x activity

– An cane appears because of the bad food pattern

– Bad cleanness or the dirt skin caused an acne

– Sunbathe naturally or artificially can heals an acne problems

Those opinions above is not true. One important thing about the skin cleanliness is not related with the acne appearance because of an acne appears of the biologis reaction that happens behind the skin surface. Moreover, it would be worse if we wash our face twice at one day when our face feels an acne problems.

There is no right prove that sunbathe under the sun or even artificially sunbathe with many technique can heal an acne. Meanwhile, there are many acne’s medicine that make our skin being more sensitive of the sunlight. And the effect is the light can broke our skin or even make it being as the skin cancer.

Based on the information from the every sites, the toothpaste can be light the acne. Even the toothpaste is contain of the anti-bacterial, but the toothpaste also contains of the thing that can make the skin getting irritation and broke. So that, the toothpaste usage for healing the acne is not suggested. The pharmacy or the doctor can give a better suggestion about the acne treatment which is more safe and effective.

That is what causes acne that you should know before you do treatment for your acne. Thanks for visiting my blog and please share this article. Like or follow this blog so that you can get updated health info from this site.

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